Join the pack to support dog parks in Princeton!


Princeton Dog Park Alliance is a group of people in Princeton, NJ who are seeking to support the establishment of multiple dog parks in Princeton --  places where dogs (and their humans) can socialize and play in a safe off-leash environment.

Join our pack and help us support dog parks in Princeton!

Important Update!  A temporary dog park in Community Park South opened on Feb 5th, 2023.  Dogs are now permitted to be off-leash in Quarry Park between the hours of 7am-9am. This is in addition to the planned dog park that is being built near the Princeton Shopping Center as part of the new housing development.  This couldn't have happened without your support! 

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Check out the presentation that was shared with the Princeton Council in November 2021.

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Dog Park Etiquette

Before coming to the dog park, think about how your dog behaves and interacts with other dogs.  Is your dog anxious around other dogs?  Does it become aggressive and territorial around other dogs?  If yes, then maybe the dog park isn't the safest place for your dog (and others' dogs).

Make sure you pay attention when you are at the dog park.  Keep an eye on how your dog is interacting with others, and make sure to clean up after your dog.

Be a good neighbor.  Even though you may be comfortable with your dog's style of play, other people may not.  Be respectful of other people's comfort and boundaries and restrain your dog if someone expresses discomfort around how your dog is behaving.

Here are some additional resources to check out to keep the park safe for you and your pets.


Dogs can exercise and socialize safely.

Dogs need room to run, and publicly accessible enclosed play areas permit them to do just that. In addition, dogs who are accustomed to playing with other dogs and people are more likely to be well-socialized and react well toward strangers.  

Promotes responsible dog ownership.

Dog parks prevent off-leash animals from infringing on the rights of other residents using our public spaces, such as joggers, small children, and those who may be fearful of dogs.

Provides an opportunity for increased community connection.

To the extent the Public Library is the "Community Living Room", a dog park is very much the same... and not just for the dogs. Dog parks are a great social connection for their humans too, and creates natural path for the wonderful diversity of residents to connect and socialize around common interests.

Improves community and promotes public health and safety.

Well exercised dogs are better neighbors who are less likely to create a nuisance, bark excessively, and wreck property. And can we talk about going potty? Dog parks have everything owners need to pick-up and dispose of waste. The more dogs are playing in the dog park, the more likely they will take care of their business there.


Help our paws!

The Princeton Dog Park Alliance is an official 501(c)(3) NJ non-profit corporation.  You are welcome to donate now.

Any gifts are appreciated and will be used to help pay for the construction and maintenance of a dog park.

The Alliance is made up of many committed volunteers and donors who are giving their time and treasure to help make a dog park in Princeton a reality. We have 501(c)3 status from the IRS, and any donation made to the Alliance is tax deductible.